About Facilitation

The company name, Facilitation, is a bit of a play on words. We often deal with Facility Managers, but we also facilitate
the management and successful completion of projects and tasks. Our clients find that getting us involved as early
as possible makes their lives easier. Having a professional handle your move, office re-design or furniture sourcing
is the smart decision, especially if you make that decision right from the start.

Facilitation was created in 2007 to fill the need for so many areas of running a business that don’t warrant a
full-time employee. Most companies don’t move to new locations on a regular basis, so odds are that there is
no one within the company who has ever managed a move before. Our company has been built on the fact
that if you hire a professional at the beginning of the project, you will save yourself and your
company time and MONEY!

We offer a full line of professional services from lease negotiations to window treatments, and we can jump
in with the right resources at any point in your project. We aren’t greedy. If you have hired someone to
handle other aspects of a project, we will make it our goal to work smoothly and efficiently with the other contractors.
Every one of our hand-picked professionals pride themselves as being team players with the common goal of the
successful completion of your project.

The Principal of Facilitation, LLC, is Susan Halpin. Susan has a background in Finance, Contract Furniture and
Design. To read more about Susan, check out her LinkedIn page – www.linkedin.com/pub/susan-halpin/18/306/67b.

You can contact Susan at susan@facilitationllc.com or 412-443-4633.